Quality control of modified atmosphere food packaging (MAP) with the oxygen / CO2 headspace gas analyzer OXYBABY®

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The headspace gas analyzer OXYBABY® for oxygen / CO2 is the practical battery-operated (rechargeable) hand held gas analyzer for analysis of modified atmospheres in food packages (MAP).

The headpace gas analyzer OXYBABY® for residual oxgen and CO2 is a cost effective alternative to tabletop analyzers for checking modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) – for example in line with a HACCP system in the food industry. Due to its minimum sample gas requirements the OXYBABY® allows even the smallest of modified atmosphere packages to be tested for oxygen or carbon dioxide.

The cordless, easily manageable headspace oxygen carbon dioxide gas analyzer provides accurate and quick data. A special highlight to avoid wrong results: the permanent flow control with automatic alarm in the event of needle or filter blockage. The high performance headspace analysis device allows the administration of up to 25 users and the classification of results for up to 100 product names and 50 packaging lines. Via the optional integrated barcode reader the user and product data can easily be read.

The headspace gas analyzer OXYBABY® is the perfect tool for fast and exact sample analysis of O2/CO2 (oxygen/carbon dioxide) directly at the food packaging machine, in stores and in the laboratory. Wherever results have to be recorded this ergonomic analyzer can be used. The optional Bluetooth interface offers all benefits of modern headspace analysis technology – wireless communication, fast and easy. For example to connect a printer.

The large data storage logs the last 500 results and allows long export intervals. In combination with the WITT software solution OBCC all results can be analyzed and documented on a PC. The data transfer is realised via USB port. With this full documentation you can guarantee highest foo packaging quality and optimal freshness to your customers.

The oxygen headspace gas analyzer OXYBABY® is available as basic version M+ or as premium version 6.0.

OXYBABY® P analyzer for checking of gas pipelines

The gas analyzer OXYBABY® P from WITT is based optionally on M+ or 6.0 version and the ideal instrument for portable, faster and accurate tests at gases in a pressurized supply line.

The composition of the gas mixture can be checked with OXYBABY® P gas analyzer at each point of the gas line and directly at the consumption point. The measuring starts and the result is shown in the illuminated display. Not only the kind of gas also the concentration can be checked.

OXYBABY® Med analyzer for checking of medical gases

The oxygen tester OXYBABY® Med from WITT is the ideal instrument for portable, faster and accurate analysis of gases before use with patients  – for maximum protection. After connecting the OXYBABY® Med to the outlet point the measuring starts and the result is shown in the illuminated display. Not only the kind of gas but also the oxygen concentration and the gas pressure are checked.


Brochure Modified Atmosphere Packaging OXYBABY® headspace gas analyzers oxygen/carbon dioxide PDF

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White paper “Modified Atmosphere Packaging”