Oxybaby® P for gas pipelines

OXYBABY® P O2/CO2 gas analyzer for checking of gas pipelines

The mobile gas analyzer OXYBABY® P O2/CO2 from WITT is the ideal instrument for portable, faster and accurate tests of gases in a pressurized gas supply line. The composition of the gas mixture can be checked with the gas analyzer OXYBABY® P at each point of the gas line and directly at the consumption point. The measuring starts and the result is shown in the illuminated display. Not only the kind of gas but also the concentration can be checked.

The gas analyzer OXYBABY® P offers easy operation by an intuitive operational concept. It logs the last measurements for documentation and export (export only 6.0 version).

The gas analyzer OXYBABY® P is available as top version 6.0 or as basic version M+.


  • integrated data log of the last measurements
  • cordless operation using rechargeable batteries
  • Oxygen value is displayed in 0.01% steps
  • long lifetime of oxygen sensor (approx. 2 years, depending on use)
  • sample flow control with warning (only 6.0 version)
  • simple one hand operation
  • easy to clean
  • large illuminated graphic display
  • multilingual menu guide
  • data transfer (only 6.0 version) and charge of batteries via USB port
  • administration up to 25 users, 100 applications

Delivery including…

  • carrying case
  • charging device
  • CD-ROM with:
    • operating instructions
    • OBCC-Software (demo-version)
  • Connection G 1/4M with union nut
  • case dimensions (HxWxD): approx. 325 x 385 x 115mm
  • case weight: approx. 1.7 kg


Data sheet gas analyzer OXYBABY® P PDF

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